Emissions of the CYCLE token

In almost 4 months of operation, the Cycle Protocol has rewarded its users with over 25,000 CYCLE, which represents just under 10% of the total protocol rewards.

Tokens for the liquidity mining program were minted into the Cycle token contract and will be released according to a distribution function. These tokens are processed through the Cycle token contract and scaled according to the scaling factor value. The resulting amount of CYCLE tokens from this scaling will be distributed as rewards to all the vault-connected reward contracts. The initial distribution function will linearly adjust the scaling factor from 6 to 3 during this process. It’s important to note that during the initial distribution, the scaling factor will not be updatable but instead be determined by the distribution function, which determines the current value based on the remaining supply in the contract.

40% of daily CYCLE emissions are allocated to the AVAX/CYCLE farm you can find on the “Earn” page.

All vaults are attributed a multiplier, which defines how much CYCLE rewards they receive:

  • vaults with a Cycle pair (e.g. AVE/CYCLE or AVAX/CYCLE from Olive) have a 3x multiplier.

  • all the others have a 1x multiplier.

That means that for the same amount of liquidity deposited, you will receive 3 times more CYCLE in a vault with a Cycle pair (on top of the auto-compounding).

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