Staking options

Overview of the various staking option for CYCLE holders


The "Earn" page on the site offers two possibilities for users holding the CYCLE token.

This farm is on the Pangolin DEX, and gives the option to users to pair their CYCLE rewards with AVAX in order to earn more CYCLE. The farm receives a fixed 40% of the daily CYCLE emissions.

CYCLE single staking

Farming with a pair of tokens can be risky, so Cycle also offers safer option, with no impermanent loss risks.

Rewards for both of these are fueled by the revenues generated by the protocol. The first one earns you AVAX directly for your $CYCLE, which come from the reinvest fees collected by the protocol. Very simple, stake $CYCLE => earn AVAX !


xCycle is a bit more complex, so we have a whole section for it, check it out here :


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