Understanding the current state of the protocol and potential risks

Smart Contracts

The Cycle Protocol consists of multiple smart contracts and interfaces with multiple external protocols on the Avalanche C-Chain. The protocol currently has no 3rd party security audit. Great care has been taken in development and testing, however there are no safety or security guarantees at this time. Please do your own research and use at your own risk.

Protocol and Token

There are no guarantees in any outcomes that can be produced through the protocol.

Participants are at risk of impermanent loss and general market fluctuations affecting their position. The APY value shown on each vault refers to the short term performance of the unit wise of growth of the LP token deposited into each vault as a result of compounding the strategy rewards. This does not imply any guaranteed growth of the depositors AVAX, USD or any other correlated token amount.

There are no guarantees that the CYCLE token has or will have any value at any point in time.

Control and Maintenance

During the initial phase of the protocol, all contracts will be owned and updatable by the core development team. Steps to mitigate and abstract away this power will be taken in time.

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