Cycle Finance


Past achievements and future updates for the Cycle Protocol

Q2 2021

  • Cycle launch - Stealth launch on May 4th, with 2 vaults and a CYCLE-AVAX farm
  • Team tokens locked - 12000 tokens were locked till end of 2021
  • New vaults added - Pangolin/Penguin/Baguette/Olive vaults added
  • Vaults APY added to the UI
  • Set up a caller reward - Small reward, paid in WAVAX, sent to the user reinvesting
  • CYCLE single staking pool created - Stake CYCLE to earn AVAX

Q3 2021

  • Olive partnership - Farm and single staking pool on Olive
  • Avaware partnership - AVE/CYCLE farm, AVE vaults added on Cycle
  • UI updates - CYCLE rewards APR now showing on the vaults page, circulating supply added to the Cycle page, LP breakdown to see amount of underlying tokens on the vault page, and value in AVAX, estimation of AVAX/LP amount received when withdrawing shares
  • Trader Joe vaults added - A total of 11 vaults have been added to support their successful launch
  • New listings/tracking - CoinGecko, Nomics, CoinMarketCap, DefilLama, Coin98, Debank, Mandarins
  • New docs - Documentation needed an update and more content
  • Introduced xCYCLE - New single staking option, allowing for buyback of CYCLE, and creation of xCYCLE token

Q4 2021

  • Get DEX rewards
  • Markr/Zapper tracking
  • Site UI/UX updates
  • More partnership with Avalanche projects
  • First audit
  • Contract update